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Transport Chain-Grade 70

Transport Chain
Transport Chain is a heavy duty Grade 70 Chain. Which is about 25% stronger than the grade 40 High test chain. It is a high quality,  heat-treated carbon steel chain which is specifically designed for binding or tie-downs. Many Truckers use this chain because it is more durable for stabilizing large loads.
Trade Size Inches Wire Dia. Inches Nom. Inside Link Length Inches Nom. Inside Link
Width Inches
Weight per 100 Ft. Working Load Limit LBS.
1/4 0.276 1.24 0.39 62 3150
5/16 0.315 1.29 0.44 84 4700
3/8 0.394 1.38 0.55 138 6600
1/2 0.512 1.77 0.72 235 11300
Nominal weights and dimensions are subject to a plus/minus tolerance of 4%. Transport chain only comes in a Yellow Dichromate finish. Note: Do not use this chain for overhead lifting. Working load must not be exceeded. Meet NACM 2010 and ASTM A413-07 Standards.

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