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5/16 Round, Male-Female Standoff

Round Male-Female Standoff
The 5/16" RoundMale-Female Standoffs have an internal thread on one end and an external thread on the other. It is Round body shape can be used to keep two parts separated at a certain distance from each other. They are used in electronic circuit boards, connectors, televisions, monitors, electronic boxes and other type uses. 
Thread Length Code Material Code
Thread A B Code Aluminum A
4-40 1/4 3/16 440 Brass B
6-32 3/8 1/4 632 Stainless Steel SS
8-32 7/16 3/8 832 Steel S
10-32 1/2 3/8 1032 Nylon N
See below for the “L” size codes. When requesting a quote please choose the length code below, the desired thread size, material and finish.

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