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16mm Round Spacer

Round Spacers
The 16mm Round Spacer is a standard round spacer which has an OD (outside diameter) of 16mm. There are a many standard inside diameters (see below).
Hole clearance +0.3 or -0.0 Materials avail.
Screw Sizes: ID Code: Aluminum
M4 4.3 4 Brass
M5 5.3 5 Stainless Steel
M6 6.4 6 Steel
M8 8.4 8 Nylon
*Length up to 25mm only

Standard sizes for the 16mm diameter round spacer follow. If you are looking for something outside the standard sizes, CFI can have them custom manufacturered to your specifications. When requesting a quote, please include the I.D., material and finish you require.
(Other materials, special finishes and sizes available upon your request). 

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