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Cal Fasteners supplies electrical wire terminals in a range of sizes and configurations. Many models are available in UL-approved versions, as needed. All models are available fully insulated, partially insulated, or without insulation. Please see individual product listings for full specifications.
Our inventory of wire terminals includes:
  • Butt Connectors: also known as butt splices, these terminals are used to securely fasten two wires with a simple crimp connection.
  • Ring Terminals: easy to install onto wire with just a quick crimp, the ring portions fully surround screw shafts to hold the terminal in place. As it is tightened down, the terminal moves just underneath the head of the screw.
  • Fork Terminals: also called spade terminals. Fork terminals install and function similarly to ring terminals, but do not fully surround the screw shaft. This allows for quick installation and removal without fully inserting or removing the screw.
  • Female & Male Disconnects: these complementary terminals interlock with each other for fast and easy connection and disconnection of wires. Available with a variety of different tab styles and in a range of common sizes.
  • Flag Terminals: essentially the same as female/male disconnects, but with 90° angles built in for applications where space is limited or other installation challenges are present.
  • Piggyback Connectors: have both female and male connectors in a single component for 3-way wire mounting and other specialty applications.
  • Wire Nuts: basic, easy-to-use terminals for a wide range of applications.
  • and more
We supply wire terminals from some of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including Burndy, CMC, Pin Union, Hollingsworth, Molex, Panduit, Thomas & Betts, and 3M.
Request a quote on terminals for your application, or contact Cal Fasteners to learn more.

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