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Anchor Custom

anchor bolt
Custom Anchor Bolts, J bolts, Dowels and Studs:

In 1999, CFI purhased the company "Flame Threaded Products and Supply". We added this line to an already diverse line of hardware. We began supplying full body (Cut Threaded) bolts to our current and new customers. Dowels, Threaded Studs, J bolt and Anchor bolts from 5/16 diameter up to 3" with lengths up to 50" or more.

We are able to provide custom and standard Anchor bolts, J Bolts, Threaded Studs and more. Full body anchor bolts and J Bolts are not the norm as there is more material used rather than using a smaller wire size when rolling the threads. We have the where with all to get you that custom bolt or fastener you are looking for. 

For those special Sizes and shapes, get in touch with our our sales team.


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