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Cal-Fasteners carries many types of Chain and Chain AccessoriesChain products are used in several applications, such as towing vehicles, binding loads, stump removal and crowd control to name a few.  Along with the different kinds of chain are accessories used with and without the chain. We stock Eye Bolts, S-Hooks, pulleys, turnbuckles and many other related items.  These come in many materials like steel (several grades depending on application), stainless (304 and 316), brass, nylon and even plastic.

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Proof Coil Chain, Grade 30
Proof Coil Chain
Stainless Steel-Type 304
Stainless Steel Type 316
High Test Chain-Grade 40
High Test Chain-Grade 40
Transport Chain-Grade 70
Transport Chain
Alloy Chain-Grade 80
Alloy Chain-Grade 100
Grade 100
Coil Chain - Straight Link
coil straight
Coil Chain - Twist Link
coil twist chain
Utility Link Chain
utility link
Machine Chain - Straight Link
Machine chain
Machine Chain - Twist Link
Machine twist
Passing Link Chain-Bright zinc finish.
Passing link
Weld-less Double Loop Chain
weld-less double
Weld-less Lock Link Chain (Sheared Type)
Weld-less Link
Weld-less Single Jack Chain
Single Jack
Weld-less Decorative Loop Chain
Weld-less Brass Safety Chain
Weld-less Steel Sash Chain
steel sash


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