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Alloy Chain-Grade 100

Grade 100
This Alloy Chain-Grade 100 is the strongest of all and is recommended for overhead lifting. It can be used for applications of life and property which need the lightest weight and the highest working load limit.
This Alloy-Grade 100 is a rugged, versatile, high-strength, low-weight chain manufactured from special analysis alloy steel. It is quenched and tempered before proof testing and the ultimate tensile strength is over twice that of ordinary steel chain. Tensile strength following heat treatment meets or exceeds all existing OSHA, Government, NACM and ASTM specification requirements.
Size inches
Wire Dia.
Nom. Dim. Inside Link Length Inches Nom.
Dim. Inside Link Width Inches
Weight Per 100 Feet
Working Load Limit LBS.
9/32 0.276 0.90 0.354-0.430 70 4300
5/16 0.315 1.04 0.425-0.500 92 5700
3/8 0.394 1.26 0.512-0.600 145 8800
1/2 0.512 1.64 0.688-0.768 244 15000
Nominal weights and dimentions are subject to a plus/minus of 4%.
The finish is a Blue Lacquar. The working load must not be exceeded.
Meet NACM 2010 and ASTM A973-07 Standard  

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