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Calibrated Cobra® Cable Ties

Calibrated Cobra cable ties are specially designed with smaller head profiles for easier use in confined spaces and control panels. Cal Fasteners offers these cable ties in 50-pound capacity and in various lengths to meet your needs. Available in UV-treated nylon and heat-stabilized nylon varieties.
Long lasting, laser engraved indicator marks allow for easy visual inspection of appropriate bundle diameter to prevent over or under tightening; this also makes it easy to select a corresponding clamp of the proper size (if needed). The low profile height and rounded sides of these zip ties allow them to slide smoothly over openings during installation. For increased safety, after the tie is tensioned and the tail cut off, the remaining tail can be tucked into the head, eliminating exposed sharp edges.
Single-piece construction and unique pawl and teeth designs provide exceptional tensile strength. Low insertion and pull through force makes installation and tightening fast and easy. ROHS compliant.
We also offer standard 50 lb. capacity cable ties and non-calibrated low profile Cobra zip ties.
Request a quote on calibrated Cobra cable ties for your project, or contact Cal Fasteners to learn more.

*Cobra is a trademark of ACT Fastening Solutions


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