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AB Single Hole Solderless Lugs

AB, A1B2, ABSG & A1B2-2 PosiGrip® Aluminum Mechanical Connectors

CMC type AB single hole solderless lugs feature unique ridges on the bottom of the contact surface that are designed to provide contact points for an electrically secure joint of the lowest resistance for current flow.
The clamping screws on these PosiGrip conductors are designed to extend beyond the barrel sides of the conductor to provide better, more secure compression of the conductor. This spreads the conductors strands, helping them dissipate heat and improving pull-out safety capabilities.
Specially designed wire ways provide optimum current transfer by creating a straight line flow through the connector for the path of least possible electrical resistance. Positive wire stops are also provided.
Request a quote on type AB PosiGrip lugs for your application, or contact Cal Fasteners to learn more.

CMC’s PosiGrip dual-rated aluminum mechanical connectors are designed to meet the stringent requirements of UL 486B and CSA1165A specifications covering connectors used with aluminum and copper conductors.
The key to long working life for any electrical connection, and a major element of UL 486B requirements, is low initial contact resistance. CMC has engineered their PosiGrip products with unique I-beam bodies and conductor hole configurations, along with specially designed and treated screws, to minimize high-resistance connector failures caused by thermal expansion, insufficient clamping force, and creep.
The I-beam design provides superior gripping action that allows the set screw to separate conductor strands and break down inner strand oxidation, even on compressed and compact aluminum conductors. This ensures first-class performance and long connector life, regardless of the conductor type used; this also provides greater flexibility.
CMC inspects each lot of PosiGrip products for proper dimensions, material properties, set screw and conductor hole alignment, and plating. Screw and body thread class are also inspected.
All PosiGrip products are UL and CSA listed and RoHS compliant. Certified for use with conductors that have thermal insulation ratings of 90°C or less. PosiGrip connectors are easy to install using only a screwdriver or allen wrench.

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