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  • Electrolytic Copper
  • Maximum strength and conductivity
  • Square Boss, Flat or V-shape Mounting
  • For use in Copper Conductors ONLY.
Cal Fasteners has Copper Collars made from high strength pure electrolytic copper. This insures the maximum strength and conductivity are achieved with the 'C', 'CS' and 'SE' type collars.
The 'C' type Solderless Collars are square and have a square boss on the bottom. The 'CS' type have Flat bottom and the 'SE' has  a 'V' shape at the bottom. This provides for multiple ways mounting.
These C, CS and the SE types are all made out of Copper with a plain finish. If you need a special finish or special deviation other than the type we have here, it may already be available. For more information on these Collar style Copper Connectors, request more information, contact: Cal Fasteners to find out more or contact us to Request a quote.

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