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SCB Mounts

  • 2-styles
  • Plastic-Black (GBS1/0B)
  • Steel Yellow (GBS1/0SY)
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­In providing the SCB 1/0 Neutral Bars, Cal Fasteners began supplying two types of mounts for the SCB-1/0 Neutral Bars.
The 'GBS1/0B' (SCB1/0) Mounts are made out of a plastic material type which also provides insulation as well. The SCB 1/0 Bar then snaps  into the end of the bar. Within these Plastic mounts, an elongated mounting hole is used to attach to the item needed for mounting.
Another mount we carry for the SCB-1/0 Neutral Bar, is the #SCB-1/0-SY. It is made of steel with a zinc and gold finish. This mount includes 2 screws for the mounting of the bar onto the bracket. # holes are left to mount the assembly onto the item being mounted.
For more information on either of these SCB Mounts, contact Cal Fasteners or  Request a quote.

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